If you read our TESTIMONIALS page it is easy to understand the value of Cancer Coaching.There are so many confusing and complicating factors involved when one receives the diagnosis of cancer. Inevitably, a person battling cancer is getting messages (often conflicting) from multiple sources. All these sources are usually very well-meaning, but many have limited knowledge and experience in the field of oncology. And then there’s the internet.

The truth is that some people will do just fine sorting through the maze of information – both science-based and non-science-based. That’s fine and those people don’t need a coach. Others, however, may require some assistance in the form of a “coach”.

What does a coach do? First, we need to say that coaching is not medical treatment. Your medical team, and not us, is responsible for all medical treatment. A coach offers gentle leadership and support. A coach doesn’t make any decisions or “take over” a situation, rather a coach offers information, advice, and guidance in the process of your decision-making. A well-informed person dealing with cancer is always a person in the best position to make good decisions. Based on our knowledge and experience, our Cancer Coaching program will help guide and support you in the following ways:

  • We can help you design a plan incorporating both conventional medicine and alternative medicine components.
  • We want you to have a holistic patient-driven game plan (which includes a strong spiritual component) as opposed to only a protocol-driven game plan involving primarily medical procedures
  • Our coaching is much less “tumor-oriented” and much more “host-oriented”, namely we focus on how to make you stronger using nutrition-based approaches, especially strengthening of your immune system using diet, detox, and targeted supplementation
  • For those requiring even greater coaching assistance we have additional coaching resources we can make available

The ultimate priority of Cancer Coaching is an improvement in quality of life. We will listen and support you in all decisions you make. There are certain questions that will serve as starting points regardless of where you are in your journey:

  1. What are your current challenges that you face?
  2. What specific goals are you trying to achieve?
  3. What barriers are you facing that may be limiting you from reaching your goals?
  4. What support do you perceive that you need to reach your goals?
  5. Where will you get the support that you need?
  6. What action can you take now?

The cost is $125 for a one-hour coaching session with both Singletons. If you are in need of comprehensive nutritional coaching session only, the cost is $75. If you are interested and want to schedule either a phone or in-person coaching session, please call us at 410-296-3737. Ask for Cancer Coaching.