If you are on this website it is likely you have an interest in Integrative Oncology. As a brief review, this term refers to medical practitioners who believe in utilizing the best of all anti-cancer healing modalities. This type of practice would be inclusive of conventional medical oncology, naturopathic approaches, nutrition, lifestyle modification, stress management, and spirituality. The practitioners of Integrative Oncology believe that all of these disciplines have usefulness and the best approach is to “integrate” multiple techniques in a patient-centered (not tumor-centered) holistic approach.

The following organizations should be contacted if one is seeking a specialist in Integrative Oncology:

  • American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) at acam.org
  • Academy for Comprehensive Integrative Medicine at acimconnect.com
  • International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians at ioicp.com