Good nutrition is one of the most important factors to be considered in the battle to overcome malignancy. It starts with avoidance of the following: refined sugar (including high fructose corn syrup), poor quality fats (such as fried foods), excitotoxin ingestion (such as MSG and aspartame), chargrilled and/or processed meats, and pesticide-laden and GMO foods.

On the other hand, the ingestion of lots of organic vegetables (especially from the cruciferous family and allium family), certain fruits (such as pigmented berries), nuts, seeds, beans, mushrooms, healthy fats (such as avocado and coconut), and clean animal products (such as free-range eggs and wild caught fish), are helpful in the fight against aberrantly growing cells.

We recommend the use of nutritional supplements, but NOT for any “cancer-killing” properties per se. We make no claim that nutritional supplements should be used for cancer treatment or should replace standard cancer treatment approaches. Rather, what nutritional supplement products do is help normalize and revitalize cellular metabolic functions (such as mitochondrial function and other cellular mechanisms). They also support a body’s divinely designed immune system against all invaders – external (ex. germs) and internal (ex. abnormally growing cells). We view nutritional supplements as supportive in the fight against abnormally growing cells, and not curative toward these cells. Supplements are about biochemistry, not oncology.

In other words, nutritional supplements don’t diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases like cancer, rather they support the body’s own innate mechanisms to effectively fight against all health challenges. These substances are in fact non-toxic, food-based nutrients for a cell. These food-based materials s were designed to promote and enhance a cell’s normal function.

Our first choice is for you to consume phytonutrient-rich foods which have been shown to normalize cell function. However, used properly, some supplements (such as resveratrol found in grape skins and ellagic acid found in raspberries) can even work together supportively with evidence-based, conventional anti-cancer therapies. Chemo and radiation mainly aim to kill rapidly growing tumor cells often by interrupting the phases of their growth cycles. Certain foods and/or supplements can enhance the effectiveness of these conventional therapies.

A major factor in the effectiveness of nutritional supplements is their quality. Not all supplements are created equal. After years of trial and error, we have found that certain supplement companies are truly superior and provide high quality products. One company that stands out in the crowd of companies is Designs for Health. We have used their quality products for many years in our practice, and we can vouch for their superiority. These nutritional supplements are manufactured using the highest manufacturing standards and purest ingredients. They cannot be legally discounted on Amazon. But because of our long relationship with the company, we have been able to obtain those products at a discount for our web users. And shipping is always free.

Click on the link to view our Designs for Health® Supplement Store category that interests you.

  1. CORE Essentials – these are the basic vitamins (including vitamin D), minerals, herbs, immune-boosting mushrooms, and anti-inflammatory products that we recommend for general health. This category is foundational to good health and we highly recommend taking as many of these as possible on a daily basis. CLICK HERE for our CORE Essentials.
  2. Specific Recommendation Number ONE – these are the supplements we recommend to help normalize metabolic and mitochondrial functions of both abnormal cells and healthy cells. These should be taken, if possible, for several weeks prior to embarking on any toxic medical therapies. We recommend not using these products while doing toxic medical therapies. Rather rely on heavy intake of Keto-Friendly foods (particularly garlic, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, green leafy, and cruciferous vegetables) when on these conventional medical therapies. To view Recommendation ONE supplements CLICK HERE
  3. Specific Recommendation Number TWO – these are the supplements we recommend to be used after completion of toxic medical therapies. That is, these supplements help to rebuild damaged tissues (including the immune system) and suppress the presence of other abnormal slow-growing cells such as stem cells. These are the products (along with Doxycycline and sometimes other “redo” prescription products) that we use for several months following completion of conventional oncology therapies. To view the Recommendation TWO supplements CLICK HERE
  4. Specific Recommendation Number THREE – these products can be used at any point in the journey except while undergoing toxic oncology therapies. Our best suggestion is do Recommendation THREE along with Recommendation TWO. CLICK HERE to view our Recommendation THREE supplements.

If there is a supplement product you would like to obtain that you do not see on at our Designs for Health® Supplement Store (such as Salvestrols or PolyMVA), please feel free to call the office (410-296-3737) and we’ll do our best to obtain it for you.