Our bodies are made up of mostly water. For that reason, proper hydration is critical to good health. But water is not equal in terms of its life-supporting vitality. In nature, the best quality water exists in a “live” hexagonal state. The best sources of this type of “live” hexagonal water are the water in fruits and vegetables. Also, the water from quality mountain spring sources can be comprised of this live water.

Most water that we drink is not composed of this “live” water. Tap water, while clean and non-infected because of chlorine, is not live water. Rather it is “dead” water. It has less “vital energy” than live water. Other sources of dead water include distilled water, reverse osmosis water, and even well-filtered water (ex. Berkey-filtered water).

The good news is that dead water can be resurrected to become live water!

Please understand that dead water is not harmful to the body. Why? Because the dead water molecules are still able to function in the body. The problem with dead water is that it is not optimally vitalizing to the body. In other words, we believe that “live” water has an increased amount of vital energy with the capacity to effectively nurture and heal the body. Here are the some of the benefits of live water (see Dancing with Water by M.J. Pangman):

  • Helps cells restore their natural resistance to environmental chaos without fatigue
  • Promotes the strengthening of the cell’s natural ability to resist stress (“chaos”)  
  • Helps provide for superior oxygenation and hydration of the cellular environment, thereby, enhancing stamina and endurance
  • Increases an electron-rich, free-radical quenching environment of cells (and is, therefore, likely highly anti-inflammatory)
  • Supports and promotes the natural alkalizing capacity of the body (better than $4,000 alkalinizing devices on the market today)
  • Revitalized hexagonal structured water can erase this negative imprinting found in most waters, filtered or otherwise. It does this by reducing the de-energizing effect of the endless flood of “low energy”, or “negative information,” that inundates the body from water now typically consumed on a daily basis
  • Revitalized water provides the body with a natural resource of positive supportive information, allowing the body to prioritize its health restoration efforts

Based on the above information, we recommend you consume more sources of live water by way of lots more vegetables and certain fruit, which are all literally loaded with this live water. Another option is to consume high quality spring water such as Mountain Valley Spring Water, which is the main water source we consume. Finally, a very good option would be to use your distilled, or reverse osmosis, or Berkey-filtered water and combine any of those waters with a “revitalizing apparatus” such as the Vitalizer Plus®. This device spins the dead water in the presence of magnets in order to create the “live” hexagonally structured water that comes closest to naturally occurring spring water. If this device is of interest to you please click HERE