It was all unreal to me. I had no ‘text-book’ risks for breast cancer— in fact, I had protective factors.  I was young, an avid runner, consumed little-to-no red meat or cow’s milk, and breastfed three healthy babies (12 months each). Yet, at 38, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

My doctor called me on a bright, sunny day in July 2017, to share the news. For the first 10 minutes after receiving the diagnosis, I was afraid to take a breath. If I took a breath, the diagnosis would be real. I did not know how to process the news. I sought for the words to share with my husband, mother, and step-father and that task seemed to drain every ounce of strength in me. I was frozen with fear, anger, resentment, and sorrow.

Then…. I talked to Dr. Ken and Ursuline. Through their love, sound guidance, prayers and patience with me (and my husband) I found the sense of calm and clarity I needed to begin my healing journey. This knowledgeable and compassionate couple patiently helped me transform the cancer “bolder” to a cancer “pebble”, and gave me the information, tools (medical and alternative), hope, and encouragement I needed to make key decisions. And decisions not only about my cancer treatment plan, but also decisions I needed to make about lifestyle choices and behaviors to keep my body, mind and soul healthy.

I truly believe the Singletons are a gift from God.


The moment my doctor confirmed my cancer diagnosis, something immediately switched inside my head and in an instant the fragility of life became my new reality. There is no way to prepare for this moment and no words can truly describe what goes through your mind. And despite your paralyzing devastation your main concern becomes your loved ones. You do your absolute best to keep them calm and positive. All your hopes and dreams are stuck in the quick sand of this diagnosis.

Desperate for spiritual, emotional and physical answers, I prayed for a ray of light. This ray of light was given to me through the Singletons. Here’s what happened. My neighbor and friend told me she had a holistic medical doctor and his wife that she wanted me to meet. I was open to the introduction. And I thought I was just going to meet a holistic doctor that could recommend some nutritional supplements to assist in my healing.

Boy was I wrong about that!

From the moment Dr. Ken and Ursuline Singleton walked into my home a wave of peace filled my living room. As we sat and talked, my heart was heavy as it became clear to me that this diagnosis was going to be both a physical and a spiritual battle. But I was assured that the Singletons were my secret weapon for both.

Their testimony, scientific knowledge and research was just what I needed. Ken’s commitment to his wife’s healing was so inspirational, it touched my heart so deeply. This power couple of faith and healing gave me resources and information that were invaluable to me. The material provided me hope and encouragement.

Almost three years later, every day as I pass their street, I think about them and thank God for placing them in my life. In the most devastating and scariest time of my life God offered me the Peace that He promised in the Bible. The Singletons will always be the Peace that surpassed my understanding and I will be eternally grateful.


I met the Singletons through a trusted friend at a time I was receiving chemo treatment for advanced, late-stage metastatic breast cancer. I desperately needed to include an alternative approach to my treatment plan. My oncologists didn’t believe any kind of natural approach would be helpful. But I believed in my heart that a natural approach from God’s creation could definitely help me.

Through a friend, I was connected to Dr. Kenneth and Ursuline Singleton. It was like finding the missing pieces to a divine puzzle! The Singletons poured life and hope into me from the very first phone appointment. They provided little-known cancer information along with documented research to arm and empower myself.

Once we had our first in-person consultation, at their home, I knew that I was in the right place for a miracle. This amazing couple is a wealth of faith, knowledge and experience.

The Singletons have a God-driven, purpose-filled desire to help cancer patients heal and be made whole. They are very holistic in their approach. Not only did Dr. Singleton provide powerful cancer fighting supplements, he had me tested for other cancer-related diseases.

Indeed, I had an infection that no other doctor had detected. This infection has sometimes been known to cause my kind of cancer. He told me that, in fact, one in every six cancers is caused by some kind of infection. It just so happened that mine was now being discovered and it was successfully treated. Meanwhile, I continued my chemo as prescribed by my oncology specialists.

Meanwhile, the Singletons gave me scriptures to read and CDs that helped me learn more about the power of the Word. I came to understand that we have God-given ability to cast out disease! It was an overall empowering and healing experience.

Shortly after working with the Singletons I began to experience a change in my condition. My immune system was getting stronger and the tumor shrinking was breaking down much faster. My faith was now at 100% despite having advanced stage 3 triple negative inflammatory breast cancer.

After completion of my chemo treatments, I had my mastectomy. To their amazement, the doctors could not find even a trace of cancer remaining! They said they’d never seen this happen before. Where they’d previously thought I would need more chemo or chemo pills, now they said there wasn’t a need for either. I give thanks for the Singletons and for our Divine Connection!


When one is diagnosed with cancer of any kind, it can be a terrifying experience. This journey should not be undertaken without a community of support. I was blessed to have the support of not only my family and friends, but Dr. & Mrs. Singleton who provided me with a wealth of information.

It can be very confusing and overwhelming because there is a lot of information out there that is not factual. It is important to be informed from a reputable resource and to be educated on the appropriate treatment. Whether one prefers the natural approach, the approach through western medicine or an integrative approach, having the information available about all options is critical.

I deeply appreciated the Singletons’ experience and guidance as I went through my journey. They have clearly spent much time learning, researching, and treating cancer patients in order to help give them hope for an optimal outcome.


When I was diagnosed with breast cancer approximately 4 1/2 years ago, my doctors recommended surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. I had no clue about what to expect or what I was up against.

I was blesssed to have known Dr. Ken and Ursuline Singleton, and turned to them for suggestions, since they had experience with naturopathic alternatives. They promptly visited, prayed with me, and offered the most valuable, life-saving information I needed, including information about post-surgical maintenance and proactive, preventive care.

They introduced me to several natural herbal options, antioxidants, juicing and dietary supplements. Thankfully, I was able to avoid the dreaded chemotherapy which can result in debilitating after effects. Today I’m still thriving and continuing to live a holistic lifestyle and cancer- free!

I cannot thank Dr. and Mrs. Singleton enough for the support and helpful suggestions that have made a huge difference in my quality of life.